Alpha Blondy Finally Speaks Out on Concert Drama

Fans of the Ivorian Reggae legend Alpha Blondy will have to wait till this September to see him perform live in Nairobi after the aborted show last Saturday night. Speaking to The Pulse Magazine on Tuesday at his Hotel, Alpha regretted the fact that he could not perform as planned. 

Alpha expressed shock that the day did not materialize. “I am also asking questions as to why I did not perform,’ he said in the presence of his Road Manager Jamal Aatif and promoter Otieno Mak’Ochieng”. Jamal who has worked with Alpha for the last 15 years explained how the artiste had longed to perform in Kenya and the team went into greater details of even branding him with Kenyan costumes and paraphernalia exclusive to the impending show. Otieno explained that as he was readying the artistes he received a message that fans were throwing objects on stage and that raised a red flag. ‘If Alpha has to perform in Nairobi he has to do it in perfectly safe environment. What would have happened had he gone on stage and get hit by one of those missiles,’ he posed. 

Contrary to rumors that Alpha was not ready to perform, Otieno explained that the late arrival was planned so that the evening would be an ‘All-night-long event’ explaining it was part of the agreement with corporate sponsors. “We are totally disappointed by the act of a section of the crowd to behave this way,’ explained Otieno who has successfully hosted two Alpha Blondy live concerts in Europe and Australia as a promoter. The trio of Alpha, Jamal and Otieno has promised to have the most renown African Reggae artiste perform in September. “Those who bought tickets for the aborted show will use the same for the September gig,’ they explained. Within a day or two Otieno will announce the modalities to ticket holders registering and verifying those tickets in a span of two weeks. He explained this was in order to avoid any potential forgeries that would cause a logistical quagmire in September. “Let’s not feel desperate.

The ways of the Lord cannot be penetrated. We wanted a good show but this did not happen. Sorry for the disappointment,” said Alpha to his fans urging them to keep the peace and thanking them for turning in large numbers.



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