Born Windel Beneto Edwards, Gyptian grew up in King Weston a Rural District, in St. Andrew, Jamaica raised by a father who was a Rastafarian and his mother a Seventh Day Adventist Christian (who he explained was the disciplinarian of the family).
Gyptian is a bonafide crossover international reggae dancehall star today with an impressive list of lovers rock, roots reggae and dancehall hit singles.......

Gyptian’s song Hold Yuh, became a major Dancehall anthem of 2010. Although the track served as an introduction to the artist for many music fans around the world, it was in fact taken off his third album, of the same name.

Hold Yuh topped the Billboard Reggae Digital Singles chart for 9 consecutive weeks and also impacted on the Hot 100 in America including becoming a multi-chart hit worldwide and deemed a “2010 Summer Anthem. The 26-year-old artist gained his nickname because he often sported a shirt wrapped around his head in the style of an Egyptian pharaoh. He released his first album in 2006 and songs such as Serious Times and Beautiful Lady became well known tunes in his native Jamaica.
Previously awarded the Most Promising Entertainer title at the International Reggae and World Music Awards, Gyptian managed to top that achievement by winning the coveted Best Reggae Artist prize at the Soul Train Awards in November 2010
Gyptian best known hits include Hold Yuh, Nah Let Go, Serious Times, Mama, Beautiful Lady, I Can Feel Your Pain, Love Against The Wall and She's My Lady


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