BIG TUNES Festival of Music is a world music festival with a major difference compared to other similar events in the word today.


BIG TUNES Festival of Music takes place in one of the world’s greatest city, boasting a proud history and people, an amazing lot of diverse cultures existing within one nation and most importantly, positioned right at the centre of the cradle of mankind.

Nairobi is a city full of magic and this festival of music promises to deliver tons of magic to music fans lucky enough to earn a ticket to witness such an amazing calabash of music that stops a nation and region.

The Event City: Nairobi, KENYASaturday, 11th of August 2012 at CARNOVORE (Nairobi, Kenya).BIG TUNES Festival of Music promises unparalleled feast of conscious music and artists without borders, content and programming that ensures the daily struggles, aspirations and triumphs of the African people are celebrated centre stage by some of the greatest reggae superstars on the planet today.

BIG TUNES Festival of Music celebrates and aims to catalogue the spirit and beauty of Africa and its achievements today through music in all its breadth but with reggae music at its core. In every sense, this festival of music is about bringing back conscious music back to the people, the people of Africa.In this foundation year BIG TUNES Festival of Music will be delivered as a one day festival of music cum reggae peace concert featuring a stellar cast of reggae royalty live and direct from the capital of reggae music Jamaica supported by Mama Africa’s own highly acclaimed performing artists and soundsystems.

Saturday, 11th of August 2012 at Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi | Kenya.

In its foundation year we’ve assembled a stellar cast of reggae royalty live and direct from Jamaica, the capital of reggae musical artists and from Mama Africa also. The select group of artists burdened by the responsibilities of launching this major year’s event are artists who in their own right have achieved legendary status in the house of reggae royalty and continue to dominate the international reggae charts today.

BIG TUNES Festival of Music promises to feature and deliver some of the most exciting and leading performers in the reggae world today, always. Artists Line-up

TARRUS RILEYJamaicaTarrus Riley's foray into music was inevitable. The talented singer and songwriter was always surrounded by music from an early age thanks to his parents.Described by many as a breath of fresh air for Jamaica’s music industry and one of the most promising of the second generation of Jamaica roots reggae singers, Riley is a reggae artist destined for greatness in the music business far beyond the borders of the genre.Since releasing his debut album Challenges which was produced by the great Jamaican saxophonist Dean Fraser, Riley has consistently racked up awards for his work and released several chart toppers which have become reggae anthems in their own right, hit singles such as ‘She’s Royal’, ‘Protect the People’, ‘Bless Me’, ‘Nobody Knows’, ‘Superman’, ‘Come Ova’, ‘Never Leave I’, ‘Contagious’, ‘Getty Getty No Wantee’, ‘Karma’, ‘Life Precious Gift’ and many more.Known for his 'healing' and thought-provoking music about Black consciousness and experiences Riley has performed on several stages around the world. His performances have drawn credible reviews from the media in the Caribbean, North America, the United States and Europe. His performance at BIG TUNES Festival of Music 2012 is a milestone in many ways as it marks his first performance and tour of Mama Africa, and to many fans of reggae music a celebration worthy of a beloved son coming back home for the first

ETANA JamaicaBorn Shauna McKenzie Etana in the hill side community of August Town South Eastern side of Jamaica, Etana is a arguably the most prolific female vocalist in the present day arena of female reggae singers/ songwriters in a largely male-dominated industry. Her music has consistently struck a cord with the masses and like any beautiful melody she’s winning the hearts of the people one song at a time.Described by critics as the truth, Jamaica’s reggae princess is a staple on reggae charts across the globe with an impressive a catalogue of conscious music and a massive fan base. Now, with two albums under her belt, Etana is a household name worldwide, with a voice and message that soothes and entertains. From reggae and pop to rock and jazz, her musical influences are varied and though she is not one to subscribe to labels, Etana describes her brand of music as reggae soul – “It is straight from the heart, straight from the soul, straight from the people and everyday life” . To catch her in performance is to experience an intriguing mix of the sultry and meditative – her body sways and dances as her voice soars and her musical testimonies are as edifying as they are captivating.When her debut single “Wrong Address” was released in the spring of 2006 it created waves throughout the music scene and went a long way in proving to the world, once again reggae music had birthed yet another rarity- a spirited and soulful singer/songwriter in the eloquent and enchanting empress Etana!

By the time she released her debut album in 2008, The “Strong One”. It was a hit. The wildly successful debut album silenced critics who claimed Etana was a one-hit wonder. In fact, so popular and successful was The Strong One, that every one of the tracks on the album was released as a single – and also charted. The Strong One featured songs such as “Warrior Love”, “Jah Chariot”, “Don’t Forget”, “I Am Not Afraid”, “Blessing”, “More & More”, “Caltariba System” as well as her first two hits “Roots” and “Wrong Address”. In 2011 she released Free Expressions. With this, Etana pulled off what many artistes are unable to achieve– a successful second album. More hit singles from the empress include chart toppers such as “August Town”, “Free”, “War”, “People Talk”, “Wifey”While touring, Etana also picked up a new hobby – collecting award trophies. Since her berth in the music world, she has copped one prestigious musical honour after another. Ranging from Best New Artiste, Female Vocalist of the Year and Reggae Singer of the Year to Most Admired Female Artiste, Cultural Artiste of the Year and several Album of Year trophies, Etana has a sizeable list of accolades behind her


Through music hear our chant,

out of many, we're One Nation

from diverse cultures, we're One Nation

from many tribes, we're One Nation

from many colours, we're One Nation

all are equal under One Nation

Vote One for Kenya always

Vote One for Africa always


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